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Hi, I am Maelle, an antenatal and postnatal doula, living in Fulham, London with my family.


I became passionate about helping mothers and families when I realised how little emotional and guiding support was available for new parents through their pregnancy journey, birth and postnatal period. I had 2 very different birth experiences (caesarean birth and a VBAC-vaginal birth) and 2 very different postpartum experiences myself that made me realise how important it is for us, new parents, in this particular time of our lives to have the right support.


Your birth and parenting experiences matter to me. I understand how this new chapter ahead of you can feel daunting and I would be happy to be that friendly and experienced go-to person who will take good care of you, who will share knowledge and experience so you can make informed choices when you navigate this transition into parenthood.

I would work with you antenatally to ensure you are as prepared as can

be for the months ahead and then help you in many ways after your baby is born by answering your questions, helping you care for baby and your home, and supporting you practically and emotionally as you begin life as a new family. 

I have been so lucky to witness many beautiful families’ first steps over the past years, all with different birth experiences, from different cultures and backgrounds, with one or multiple babies and would love to hear from you if you want to know more about how I can best support your family.


I trained as a doula back in March 2019 with the amazing Kicki Hansard, a very inspiring award-winning author and the founder of Birthbliss Academy and The Doula Directory. I have since continuously been learning to stay on top of the latest information and completed training in breast/chest feeding, understanding newborns’ development, holistic sleep coaching, supporting twins and multiples, understanding and preventing reflux, postnatal planning, and helping with birth trauma, phobia and fear through the 3-step rewind NLP-based method.


I was born in France from a French father and a Dutch mother, and prior to living in the UK, I resided in other European countries, including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria. And like many of the parents I have been supporting who chose to live abroad, I know how it feels to adapt to a different culture and to be far from home and family.



Maelle Is Worth More Than 5 Stars!

I could not recommend someone else than Maelle! I have had the chance to get Maelle's support, alongside with my husband throughout my pregnancy, delivery and postnatal journey and I could say now that I would not be where I am today without her! Maelle has offered us so much and has been the exact person we were waiting for without really knowing it! She was very understanding and respectful of our choices, mindsets and fears! Maelle has the knowledge and so many tools to offer, helping us at any stages. She is one of the most understanding, positive, re-ensuring person I have ever met and is always there to comfort either me or my partner. We have been blessed to have Maelle in our life and in this journey that was full of unexpected moments and big emotions. We are extremely grateful for her professionalism, her patience and kindness.  

Hanna, mum of Ellie

My Trainings
Birth and Postnatal Doula Support

Birthbliss Academy Doula Training, March 2019

Intuitive Breast- & Chest Feeding

Younique Postnatal, September 2021

Understanding and Preventing Reflux

Younique Postnatal, January 2020

Postnatal Planning

Younique Postnatal, May 2020

Holistic Sleep - Mini Coaching

Lyndsey Hookway, August 2020

Understanding Newborns

Younique Postnatal, November 2020

Twins and Multiples

Younique Postnatal, November 2020

3 Step Rewind (birth trauma, phobia and fear support)

Birthing Awareness, November 2019

Paediatric General First Aid

August 2019

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