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Antenatal Support

Why Having A Doula Supporting You As You Prepare For The Birth Of Your Baby Matters? 


A doula is there to support you as you prepare for the birth of your baby(ies) and beyond. Doulas provides continuous emotional, informational and practical support, no matter what decisions you make regarding the birth to come. 

A doula will help you create an overall positive experience. A doula can help you feel confident about your ability to give birth and about where and how you wish to give birth, feel more in control and have the information you may need to make informed choices so you can feel more relaxed all the way leading

to your baby(ies) being born.


Pre-Birth Preparation: 1:1 In Your Home Or Online


I will give you emotional and informational support during pregnancy and the time leading up to the birth. This support is perfect for mums and families who do not want a doula at the birth but would benefit from a knowledgeable, non-judgmental and supportive friend who they can rely on.


  • Hope and fears: your feelings and emotions about your pregnancy and the birth to come, previous experiences and expectations.


  • The physiology of birth: what are the different stages of labour and the birth process.

  • Birth options: what different options do you have? Define your preferences.

  • Positive Influences on birth: what could help with the process and what are the possible interventions?

  • Signs of labour: how to identify them? What comforting and coping methods could you try?

  • Pack your maternity bag: what you may need for yourself, your baby(ies) and your partner? 

  • The role of your partner: how can your partner best support you during labour and immediate postpartum

  • The very first days with your baby: what you can expect, including introduction to feeding and sleep

Postnatal Planning : 1:1 Session In Your Home Or Online


Why is the postnatal period so overlooked? This session is for you to explore the practicalities of postpartum support and reflect on a new daily organisation after birth.

  • The 4th trimester: becoming a parent, newborn development and what early weeks with a baby may look like.


  • Postnatal plan: why thinking of one? And what to include?

  • How to look after yourself: postnatal nutrition, anticipation, what support to get?

  • How to look after your baby(ies): nappy changing, umbilical cord, bathing, soothing and comforting.


  • Baby feeding: what choices? How to get prepared?

  • Baby's sleep: what your baby(ie)’s sleep pattern may look like in the first weeks? What is a good sleep environment and safe sleeping?

  • Postnatal support: how to create your circle of support? how to take care of the siblings?  

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