Postnatal Support

Why Having A Postnatal Doula Matters?

A doula will help new parents navigate their transition into parenthood, by assisting families in the postpartum period, generally the 3 months after birth (known as the fourth trimester). This period of time can come with many unexpected challenges and having someone around to provide support and guidance can be especially useful. And if you don't have your family around you, postnatal doulas can fill in the gaps – as well as much more. In regard

to information, postnatal doulas are knowledgeable about newborn and infant care. And when they do not have the tools to hand, they signpost to the most appropriate support. A positive postnatal experience can result in joy, self-confidence and enhanced capacity to thrive as both a person and a parent.

Postnatal Support In Your Home in London


As a postnatal doula, I will encourage and support you in resting as much as possible after birth to recover, recharge and bond with your baby. I will assist you in defining what works best for you, raise your confidence in your parenting skills and provide some practical support. 

Here are some examples of how I can help you build your family cocoon:

  • Emotional support to you and your family: active and non-judgmental ear, opportunity to debrief your birth and help you navigate through your feelings and emotions.


  • Baby care guidance and practical support: support  with basic infant care including bathing, nappy changing, soothing, baby wearing.

  • Baby feeding: exploring feeding options, understanding optimal feeding patterns and positions, discussing difficulties.

  • Responsive routines and attachment parenting: understanding your baby(ies)’s needs and newborn development, observing your baby(ies)’ cues, finding your baby(ies)’s rhythm, based on up to date and accurate research sources. 

  • Gentle holistic sleep support: baby(ies)’s sleep patterns and optimal sleep feeding, good sleep environment and safe sleep options, bedtime and naps routine, soothing and comforting your baby(ies), optimal sleep for you, based on up to date and accurate research sources.

  • Accompanying you in your first outings with your baby(ies): doctors’ appointment, walks, shopping…- if you need an extra pair of hands or just some reassurance.


  • Allowing you to rest, recover and recharge: light housekeeping and cooking, shopping or errands, childcare for your baby or older siblings - according to your needs.

  • Phone support in between visits: all packages include a basic level of phone, text and email support that can prove very useful for any questions or need for reassurance you may have in between visits. 

Online / Remote Postnatal Support


Remote support is optimal if you do not live in London or if you are just looking for some guidance to help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster of the postnatal period. 

During our online sessions, I will provide a non-judgmental ear and an active listening so you can offload. I will answer questions you may have and explore different topics according to your requirements.


Examples of topics discussed:  

  • Your birth experience

  • Becoming a mother / becoming a father

  • Newborn developments

  • Basic baby care guidance

  • Baby feeding

  • ​Responsive routines and attachment parenting

  • Your baby(ies)'s sleep and co-sleeping

  • Your relationship with your partner and/or your family

  • Emotional support to siblings

  • Your new daily organisation with a baby


  • Self-care, baby blues and emotional ups and downs



3 Step Rewind To Help With Birth Trauma Recovery


The 3 Step Rewind Method is a gentle and safe guided meditation that can help lift the heavy feelings of fear and anxiety that can remain after a difficult or traumatic birth, post natal or breast feeding experience, or any other perinatal trauma. 

If you feel you would benefit from extra support to help you recover, I would be happy to tell you more about that method and offer sessions as part of an antenatal or postnatal package.